Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lake Conroe: North to Cagle

Memorial weekend provided a perfect opportunity to return to Lake Conroe. The lake suffered greatly during last year's drought but winter and spring rains have nearly restored it. We launched from private property in the Walnut Cove subdivision and headed west down a canal.

Water birds like this Great Blue Heron were out in full force as we paddled the sheltered waters. Once we reached the open lake, power boats and jet skis became more common sights.

The wind freshened as we passed in front of the Corinthian Point Yacht club and headed north. Soon we were leaving the jet skis and development behind and entering the bounds of the Sam Houston National Forest.

A convenient beach beckoned and we paused for a rest, a snack, and for some of us, a swim. Once everyone was sufficiently recharged, we headed north again. Aside from a few scattered fishermen, we had the lovely scenery of the lake more or less to ourselves.

About the time that the day started to grow uncomfortably warm, the dock at the Cagle Recreation Area came into view. We made our way to shore to enjoy some shade and a snack while waiting for our ride back to Walnut Cove.

What a great paddle! Next on my list for this lake is the run from Cagle up to Stubblefield.

More Pictures from Lake Conroe

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