Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Quick Trip to Sheldon Lake

It feels like I was everywhere but on the water during June. First up was a visit to my parents in Louisiana. Next was a fairly standard visit to the office up in Richardson, Texas. Then out of the blue came a trip to White Plains, New York. And just like that,the month was almost over.

Before the last days could slip away, I scheduled a quick outing to Sheldon Lake. I was a bit surprised to find the water level down a few feet despite the wet weather. When we talked to the ranger during our picnic lunch, we found they had intentionally lowered the level to enable some road construction at the new park entrance off Garrett Road.

Partly because of the lower water levels and partly due to the normal summer cycle, the lotus and other water plants had grown up significantly since my last visit, reducing the amount of water open for easy paddling.  Still, it was very welcome to get out on the water and enjoy the sight of the egrets, herons, ibis, spoonbills and other water birds that make their homes on this lake.

My resolution for July is spend many more hours on the water!

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