Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sharing Sheldon Lake

My last trip to Sheldon Lake was only couple of months ago, but today's visit was special because it's the first time I've been able to share this place with Linda.

The water level was reasonably high, the lotus and lilies were starting to bloom, the alligators were out and about, and the rookeries were doing a booming business in baby egrets, herons, and other water fowl.

The only alligator sighting we'd had together in prior paddles was one at a distance on Caddo Lake, but today was the first close encounter. A medium sized gator was relaxing in shallow water near the bank as we made our way down the channel. It was disturbed by our approach and it started moving slowly toward us. Was it preparing to attack?!?! As it turned out, no. We kept a respectful distance and as soon as it reached deep enough water, it submerged and swam away in peace.

We continued our circuit of the lake, taking in the sight of the trees, flowers, nesting birds, and the clear blue sky and enjoying a relaxing time on the water.

More Pictures from Sheldon Lake

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