Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter's Heart?

Does it sound strange if I say it has been a great winter for kayaking? First, the weather has been so mild that it let me get out on the water three times in January and once so far in February.  The first trip was to Armand Bayou where this monster of an alligator was happily soaking in the January sun.

The second unusual thing by recent standards is that rain has finally returned to Houston and started eroding the drought. While Lake Conroe remains a bit low, Lake Houston has almost fully recovered and just today Sheldon Lake was re-opened for boating.

In two of my three excursions on Buffalo Bayou, water was actually in surplus. Instead of the usual leisurely paddle, it made for aerobic exercise going upstream and quite a ride coming back down!

What's next?  We'll see, but I'm thinking of signing up for the Buffalo Bayou Regatta in March!

More Pictures From My Winter Paddles

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